total: <% spotsPrice %>
<% %>
x: <% spot.position.absolute.x || 0 %>,
y: <% spot.position.absolute.y || 0 %>
<% $index+1 %>
Spots :
<% spots.length %>
Subtotal :
<% gameData.meta.formattedSubTotal %>
Discount :
<% gameData.meta.formattedDiscount %>
Total :
<% gameData.meta.formattedTotalPrice %>
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About us

welcome to spottocash

There’s nothing quite like a perfect holiday. A chance to relax, unwind and escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

But how many hours have we all spent browsing travel websites, looking at photos of amazing trips and planning our adventures, only to wince when we see the price?

Well now those days are over, thanks to our brand new competition!

Whether it’s cycling around Central Park, sunbathing in Spain or sipping cocktails in Cancun, Spotto gives you the chance to win that trip of a lifetime every single week.

There’s something for everyone.
From city breaks to luxury adventures, our range of prizes caters to every travel need.

It’s simple.

Add as many spots for as many holidays to your basket as you’d like, play a simple game of Spot The Ball and wait to see if you’ve won on Monday! There are even amazing extra prizes to be won, like spending money or a hire car, to make your trip that little bit more special.

Somebody is guaranteed to win their dream holiday every single week, so what’s stopping you?
It’s on us!


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