To play in a SpottoCash competition look carefully at this week’s photo of a real football match that does not contain a football, and using your skill and knowledge of football, place a Spot where you think the centre of the ball should be. To delete a spot, simply click on the one you want to delete and a pop up will appear confirming that you want to delete it.

After the competition has closed on Monday 00:00 (GMT), every Monday at 12 Noon, our panel of experts will use their skill and knowledge of football to judge and decide, where they believe the centre of the ball should be.


The Spot that is closest to the judges position will win the guaranteed cash prize of £10,000. Yes, your Spot doesn’t have to be exactly where the judges place the Spotto ball – it just has to be the closest. That means each week someone wins £10,000 – guaranteed!

Came close but didn’t win? Not to worry, we give 5,000 Spotto Points to the next 10 players closest to the ball. So if your Spot was in the top 10 closest to the Spotto ball we will credit your account with Spotto Points.


Each competition opens at 00:01 (GMT) on Monday morning and closes at 24:00 (GMT)  the following Sunday, effectively running from Monday to Sunday, 52 weeks a year. We guarantee that every week there will be a £10,000 cash winner.

Judging takes place at 12 Noon every Monday for the competition that closed at 24:00 the previous day (Sunday). We will notify the winner on the same day, (unless there is more than one person on or closest to the winning Spotto - please see our terms and conditions) by 18:00 hours (GMT). We post the results of each competition on our website once the winner has been notified.


You can also play SpottoCash for free with the solo game or earn Spotto Points when you play our Head-to-Head challenges.

Challenge yourself or your family and friends to exciting, free Head-to-Head games. Players in Head-to-Head games can join our leagues – and the more games you win, the greater your chances of climbing up our league system. Each time that you are promoted to a higher league, you earn Spotto rewards, which you can redeem towards the cost of playing in the cash game.

What is SpottoCash?

SpottoCash Ltd is the promoter and management company for and SpottoCash (“Spotto”), a website and mobile application that allows people worldwide to play a skill-based game of spot-the-ball, with a guaranteed prize of £10,000 every week for the player whose Spot is on or closest to the exact position of the Spotto.

UK Head Office

Our head office is located at 86 Brook Street, Mayfair, London W1K 5AY, United Kingdom. We can be contacted via email at [email protected]. Tweet us @spottocash, follow us on Instagram @spottocash and get in touch through our Facebook page -

Company Details

SpottoCash Ltd is a UK-based limited company, Incorporated in England & Wales, Company Registration Number: 9609616 & VAT Registration Number: 228 9206 93

1) How do I play?
  1. 1.1 Create an account
  2. 1.2 Choose the number of Spots that you wish to play
  3. 1.3 Go to “Play Now”
  4. 1.4 Use your skill & judgement to place your Spots
  5. 1.5 To delete a spot just tap on the chosen spot
  6. 1.6 Review or Edit
  7. 1.7 Go to checkout
  8. 1.8 You can play our Spot-The-Ball game from any device. You can play on your mobile, tablet or computer. Just go to
2) How much does it cost to play? Are there any discounts?

The more spots you play, the cheaper it gets. Each spot costs £1.00 but for every 10 spots you play, you get 10% off.

3) Confirmation of your entry

When you create an account we will send you an email confirming your account login details. Each time you play in a competition you will receive email confirmation of your entry. You can see details of all competitions you enter on your Account page. You need to be logged in to view your Account page.

4) Spot-the-Ball: a game of skill

Spot-the-ball has long been recognised as a game enjoyed by football fans around the world. It is a game of skill and knowledge, not a game of chance like a raffle or lottery. Players look at an image of an actual game of football which does not contain a ball, and use their skill and knowledge to work out where they think the centre of the ball should be. Your position is registered as x:y coordinates.

5) Why does a panel of judges determine where the ball is? Why not use the original ball position?

Spotto is a fair, transparent and auditable game based on skill and knowledge.

By not using the original ball position we turn spot-the-ball from a game of chance into a game of skill. We remove all possibility of anyone knowing or being able to find out where the ball in the original photo actually was.

Instead, when you play SpottoCash you are testing your skills against the skills of professionals. Our panel of judges are all experienced football professionals and includes referees and former footballers. They use their skills and detailed knowledge of football to decide where they think the centre of the ball should be.

6) How is the winner decided?

Every week, when a competition has closed, a panel of judges comprising experienced former footballers and referees are shown the game photo from the previous week – exactly the same photo as the one on which you placed your Spot/s. The officials will judge and decide where, in their professional opinion; they think the centre of the ball should be. This will be videoed and streamed on our Facebook and YouTube pages along with a representative of SpottoCash. The winner of that competition is the player whose Spot is closest to where the judges place the Spotto.

7) What happens if Spots placed by two or more players are equidistant from where the judges place the centre of the ball?

There can only be one winner. If Spots placed by two or more players are equidistant from where the judges place the centre of the ball, we look at other Spots placed by these players in this competition. If all these players have placed additional Spots, the competition winner will be the player who’s Spot is next closest. 

If one or more of the players who are equidistant has only placed one Spot in this competition, all players who are equidistant will play in a further Spot the Ball competition online under exactly the same rules, to determine the Spotto winner. (Terms & Conditions/Competition Judging) All other players in this Shoot-Out will receive 5,000 Spotto Points.

8) What are Spotto Points?

You can earn Spotto Points as follows:

a) Invite A Friend – Every time you invite a friend you will earn 50 Spotto Points for each player who registers successfully.

b) Free Games – Head-to-Head – You earn Spotto Points by being promoted through the league system.

c) Cash Games –

(i) for every £1.00 spent = 1 Spotto Points
(ii) 10 Runner Ups = 5,000 Spotto Points
(iii) 3 Reward Zones = up to 50 Spotto Points

Spotto Points will be added to your account automatically. Spotto Points cannot be exchanged for cash.

You can use Spotto Points to enter the Cash game, either as part payment or if you have enough Spotto Points, to play for free. Spotto Points will be automatically deducted from your account at check out with any qualifying purchase.